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Fuel Storage
In order to be safe, the smaller fuel canisters or the big refueling tank has to be stored away from the main complex or building. Adding to the safety factor, it is necessary that "No Smoking" signs are clearly displayed in the area. Ideally, the fuel tanks must be stored in a secure enclosure which can only be accessible by authorized personnel. It is very essential for the operator's safety, and everybody they work with, that these safety regulations are strictly complied with.

To be protected from vehicle impact, the fuel enclosure itself needs to be protected. This job could use retraining systems such as concrete bumpers. Other retaining methods can be utilized. It is also necessary to have a fire extinguisher present at the refueling station. In addition, anybody who is operating the fueling station must be trained and also must be trained to safely and effectively utilize the fire extinguisher. When it comes to the fuel aspect, safety is of utmost importance.

Operator Training
The OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require that everyone who is utilizing an industrial powered forklift or lift truck is trained correctly. This training covers both the hands-on training and the classroom part. Once the training sessions have been finished, the individual should be tested to be able to show that they understand the training materials. A part of this training also includes the proper method of the refueling process of the lift truck. The training also involves precautions involved for the refueling of any unit they might be driving and site-specific procedures.

Medical Treatment
MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets must be located in all facilities where forklifts are operating. This center would include the MSDSs for all solvents and chemicals which are used on site. This would also cover the acid in the forklift battery, along with the propane which is utilized to refuel the unit.

The MSDSs sheets are required to be available to all employees at all times. For instance, if an exposure incident happens, the person has to be evaluated right away. If any medical attention is considered necessary, to should be given without any delay. Usually, if you are uncertain if medical care is considered necessary, as a general rule; have a doctor examine the injury if you really believe it is severe. Better to be safe than sorry.

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