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Provo Forklift Parts - Provo (population 112,488) is a city within the state of Utah. The city is 69 km south of the city of Salt Lake along the Wasatch Front, a chain of towns and cities towards the west of the Wasatch mountains. The city of Provo serves as the county seat of Utah County and the principal city within the Provo-Orem metropolitan area population of around 526,800. It is the 3rd biggest metro area in Utah State after the city of Salt Lake and Ogden-Clearfield.

The city of Provo was named after Etienne Provost, a French-Canadian who explored the region during the year 1825. The Mormons created a community here during the late 1840s and the city of Provo was incorporated in 1849. Because of its great quantity of fruit gardens and orchards, the city of Provo was known as the "Garden City". Brigham Young Academy was established within Provo in the year 1875. The Academy later became Brigham Young University (BYU), the biggest church-affiliated university within the US. The university has been extremely important to the city. They have been growing hand-in-hand, supporting a local high-technology industry and nationally significant sports and academic programs.

The city of Provo hosts numerous local celebrations, the biggest of which is America's Freedom Festival. It is one of the biggest celebrations of American Independence within the country, with more than 30 events taking place during 21 days before and including July 4. The Stadium of Fire Spectacular is the climax of the event, held at the Cougar Stadium within BYU. One more major event is the yearly WinterFest, a series of events that begins with the December Christmas Parade within downtown Provo and ending with a Firework Finale on the Eve of New year.

The Provo region has a fairly diversified economy. There are lots of software technology companies within the area. Software businesses situated within the Provo area such as the prominent Symantec, Corel and Novell, Inc. Among the high tech firms situated within the area are Covergys, Ameritech Library Services, PowerQuest Corp., Micron technology, Nimbus Manufacturing, Folio Corporation and Viewsoft. The region also has various biotech firms.

The major companies operating in the city of Provo includes: Nature's Sunshine, Banta Press, Sears Telecatolog and Powder River Manufacturing. Work is provided by the following sectors: education, healthcare, trade, transportation and utilities, manufacturing, government, professional, scientific and management and hospitality and leisure.

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